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Coppicing Starts ?>

Coppicing Starts

History@Work The History@Work weekend was productive as usual, providing another opportunity to use authentic processes to achieve some real results around the site. Jobs included painting, daubing, building a second lime kiln in preparation for making quicklime, opus walling in the Roman building, thatching the Mesolithic building, blacksmithing, and making bone and antler tool handles.   The usual workforce was complemented by a group of students led by Linda Hurcombe  from the University of Exeter, who provided valuable extra help….

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A Change of Seasons. ?>

A Change of Seasons.

This week sees the last residential of the year for us. With the nights drawing in and the weather turning colder we finish offering residential stays in our Viking Longhouse. These will begin again next year after Easter and it is already looking like it will be busy with schools already booked. The half term holiday in a weeks time also signals a change to our education programme. We will no longer be offering our usual summer activities (blacksmithing, felt…

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History@Work and Quicklime!! ?>

History@Work and Quicklime!!

History@Work Last weekend saw another successful History@Work weekend allowing the public to get a glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ at  authentic maintenance tasks and experimental archaeology projects. We had a diverse mix of tasks ranging from making handles for our Iron Age knives to clearing and sprucing up our Roman garden. We continued to build the Opus Craticium walls on the Roman Forge using lime that we have produced on site. While the blacksmiths were busy all weekend creating trowels for use…

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Catching Up After The Summer ?>

Catching Up After The Summer

Dark Ages Weekend 30th & 31st July Interest is always high for this weekend and the public turned out again to see Vikings invade Cranborne. With Anglo-Saxon and Viking living history along with combat demonstrations, Kiddie Vike, historical falconry and authentic food on offer, there was lots to see and do. Here are a few images of a great weekend.       Roman Weekend 10th & 11th September The Vicus and Legio II Augusta along with Simon Barnes Fine Art,…

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The End of Term!! ?>

The End of Term!!

Schools The summer is always the busiest time for us with visiting school groups and since Easter there have been 58 school groups on site! This includes both day visits and residential groups completing a huge variety of activities and tasks. We have now finished teaching for the summer and are preparing to start again in September continuing with the summer teaching programme. Wimborne History Festival On the 16th & 17th July the ATC Volunteers took part in the Wimborne History Festival just…

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History@Work and The Chalke Valley History Festival ?>

History@Work and The Chalke Valley History Festival

History@Work Here is a round up of our hands-on weekend. Dyeing has been an important part of human history and so we think that it is important to know how textiles were coloured. The methods used this weekend featured our own dye plants (weld and nettles) along with various mordants to fix the colour. Continuing with the colourful theme of the past few months it is the turn of the Longhouse to get a fresh coat of paint. Local ochres were…

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Painting our Buildings. ?>

Painting our Buildings.

Schools: This week we have had day visits from Clayesmore School and St Joseph’s Primary plus a residential visit from Western Downland Primary. The children have been making some real changes around the site, firstly, painting our Roman Forge with an egg tempera (egg yolks mixed with ochres). They have also been adding to our Roman Road. Most school groups that visit us grind their own flour to make bread for the children to eat or take home at the end of…

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A Report From Our History@Work Weekend ?>

A Report From Our History@Work Weekend

The History@Work Weekend was a great success with the public enjoying seeing real tasks being carried out. Here is a round-up of what went on. The Roman Forge: We are creating an end wall for our Roman Forge. This involved fitting a door frame and then building the wall using a technique called Opus Incertum. The method involves using shuttering planks, fixed in place with handmade nails, on either side of the wall frame. Broken clay tiles were fitted and a…

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Posts, Door Frames and Pegs ?>

Posts, Door Frames and Pegs

Schools We have had another busy week with visits from Hampreston First School, St Michaels Primary School and St Marks Primary School in Bournemouth. They have been getting stuck into Roman, Anglo Saxon and Viking activities from blacksmithing to making felt.   We have also had a Viking residential visit from Yarrells Prep School. Volunteers Our volunteers have also been busy (as usual!!) creating a new ‘lean-to’ store which is now taking shape. As you can see the posts are in and…

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