More Holes – More Posts ?>

More Holes – More Posts

The weather started more calmly than yesterday with occasional light showers.

Work has continued on the deep mortises that will locate and support the posts that stand on the sill beams.

This task involves chiselling into the dense holm oak and takes hours to complete a single mortise.  Volunteers have also been trying their luck at hand augering a series of holes and chopping out in between – still a time consuming effort.  The good news is that there are only 12 to do, so we’re nearly a third of the way through!


Two further post holes have been dug and posts 7 and 8 placed in them.  It’s already interesting to see the vertical timbers take shape and begin to add scale to this project.

It’s also fascinating to see how individual timbers represent our memories of those volunteers who worked on them.  Post 8 has taken hours of hard work to produce; stripping the bark, trimming the limbs and cross cutting to length – for me this post represents the epic efforts of Jasmine and Kerry-Jane.



End of day 2.  4 posts in the ground.


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