Week 3 Begins… ?>

Week 3 Begins…

Well, I suppose the sun had to stop shining on Jersey at some point! The start of week 3 on the project has seen high winds, hail and rain.
Undaunted, our fantastic volunteers turned up prepared to work hard. We’ve had a few weeks off during December and January but this week sees the start of frame construction that will continue for this year.


The first task is to erect the many wall posts that will eventually support the thatched roof of the Longhouse. 55 of these posts will sit in the ground and the remaining 12 will be be jointed into the sill beams using mortise and tenon joints.


The main jobs for this week will be to cut deep mortises into the sill beams which will accommodate the tenons that are being chiselled into the end of 12 posts.

The other job is to start excavating the post holes for the other posts.
Astoundingly, the teams today began cutting the mortise and tenons, dug two post holes and placed the first two posts! A great achievement for a day of dreadful weather…


The mission continues; let’s see how many we can get in this week!


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