Week 2 Begins! ?>

Week 2 Begins!

Week 2 has started with bright and clear weather forecast for the coming days.

The geophysical survey has been completed with no obvious signs of features beneath our construction area.  We are waiting to hear for the final go ahead before we begin putting timbers in the ground.

The new site hut is practically complete with the electrics going in today.  It will provide a warm and civilised location for tea breaks over the coming years – many thanks to Jersey Heritage for laying it on!


Today saw the continuation of de-barking operations by our volunteers and the production of many pegs.

The building plan was re-marked and pegged to ensure the location of each post hole centre is permanently marked.  Our aim, when the time comes, is to dig each hole accurately to ensure the prepared posts follow the original ground plan.

Measuring off the baseline to locate the posthole centres.
Measuring off the baseline to locate the posthole centres.

Herras fencing has been re-positioned to run from the corner of the new site hut.

Work has also started on shaping the large timbers that will sit in the ground (Sill Beams) at the Eastern end of the building.


When completed, these timbers will interlock and form a rigid base into which posts can be mortised.

Well done team! A great effort today!

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