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Month: July 2016

The End of Term!! ?>

The End of Term!!

Schools The summer is always the busiest time for us with visiting school groups and since Easter there have been 58 school groups on site! This includes both day visits and residential groups completing a huge variety of activities and tasks. We have now finished teaching for the summer and are preparing to start again in September continuing with the summer teaching programme. Wimborne History Festival On the 16th & 17th July the ATC Volunteers took part in the Wimborne History Festival just…

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History@Work and The Chalke Valley History Festival ?>

History@Work and The Chalke Valley History Festival

History@Work Here is a round up of our hands-on weekend. Dyeing has been an important part of human history and so we think that it is important to know how textiles were coloured. The methods used this weekend featured our own dye plants (weld and nettles) along with various mordants to fix the colour. Continuing with the colourful theme of the past few months it is the turn of the Longhouse to get a fresh coat of paint. Local ochres were…

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