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Month: June 2016

Painting our Buildings. ?>

Painting our Buildings.

Schools: This week we have had day visits from Clayesmore School and St Joseph’s Primary plus a residential visit from Western Downland Primary. The children have been making some real changes around the site, firstly, painting our Roman Forge with an egg tempera (egg yolks mixed with ochres). They have also been adding to our Roman Road. Most school groups that visit us grind their own flour to make bread for the children to eat or take home at the end of…

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A Report From Our History@Work Weekend ?>

A Report From Our History@Work Weekend

The History@Work Weekend was a great success with the public enjoying seeing real tasks being carried out. Here is a round-up of what went on. The Roman Forge: We are creating an end wall for our Roman Forge. This involved fitting a door frame and then building the wall using a technique called Opus Incertum. The method involves using shuttering planks, fixed in place with handmade nails, on either side of the wall frame. Broken clay tiles were fitted and a…

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